In 1840 the art of inlaying precious wood was born and developed in Sorrento. The Maione family has collected the legacy of this great artistic tradition. The processing, still today, is entirely done by hand, respecting the techniques of the ancient masters. The only material used is wood, especially the most valuable, such as walnut, ebony, elm, poplar, mahogany and olive roots. The production is particularly varied and ranges from frames to caskets, from chessboards to trunks, up to furnishing accessories of all kinds. All made with drawings made up of hundreds of small pieces, pierced first and then reassembled by the skilful hand of Antonino Maione.

From linear inlays, appreciated in Switzerland to floral ones, most in demand in America, the range of products of the Maione family has been enriched with stylized inlays, proposed by Antonio, a graduate in architecture and creator of the fire signature that characterizes each product. The shades are then made through several passages in the boiling sand and the design is finished by sanding the pieces and applying a glossy or matte varnish, necessary to preserve the inlay as well as to give the desired brilliance or opacity. And to make the product even more inimitable, the insertion within it of refined musical mechanisms contributes, with the consequent creation of suggestive and exclusive carillons.


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