The art of hand inlaid wood is an old and noble Italian tradition typical of the Sorrento area!
It can only be done by experienced and highly skilled craftsmen whose craft has been carried on from generation to generation for over 500 years!
We, Augusto and Luca, are part of this category of artisans, as well as of the generation of the “Tramontano”, a family that has been doing this since 1897!
Inlay on wood, an ancient and complex art, is a decorative composition, obtained by cutting, inserting and composing different colored pieces of wood to create designs on different levels of surface. Producing the inlaid means first designing it, then proceeding with the veneer with wood sheets no more than 6 thick, using different types of wood to create the different colors of the final composition.
Each piece is cut by hand with a knife and then placed in the hot sand for a few seconds, so as to obtain the desired color shades. Finally the inlaid pieces are combined to create the desired image compositions. The inlays are all handmade using traditional methods, some of which require excellent skills from us craftsmen.
Each work is a unique piece and its value is proportional to the level of quality obtained. The quality levels are measured by several important factors: design harnesses, choice of woods, delicacy of manual work and the perfect execution of all processing phases. Our laboratory boasts of excellent and professional equipment in order to obtain the best quality in every aspect of production.
All items are guaranteed and signed by the undersigned Augusto and Luca.
The carillon, to which the inlaid pieces are applied, is in itself a work of art. Much of the production is still done in the old style, that is, manually. Each box is meticulously sanded and painted, the interiors are all lined in velvet, while the exterior is covered with a protective coating. Finally, we select a harmonious and suitable melody for each box, which plays when the lid is opened.
The sound of these musical works greatly enriches the style of the music box.


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