Francesco ErcolanoFrancesco Ercolano, born in Sorrento on June 12, 1960, from the age of fourteen he began his internship in a Sorrento artisan workshop, he acquired the techniques and secrets, and in 1987 he started his own business, he started his own path as an inlayer, dedicating himself as tradition and the Sorrento artisan supply chain to the sole production of inlays.
From an innate artistic passion for this activity and cultural exchanges with prof. Enrico D’Errico (professor of applied art at the Sorrento School of Art), a collaboration is increasingly born that leads them to abandon this segment, gaining a niche in the production of artistic inlays
Together they create inlaid art objects in limited productions or even more in unique pieces, from their artistic collaboration small extremely studied and detailed objects or tarsal panels of high pictorial value are born. In addition, their passion for the antique and the history of the art of inlay has brought them closer and closer to the creation of furnishings that follow styles of the past, not copying or imitating, but creating original furniture from the past, thus combining to their already obvious experience as inlayers that of skilled cabinetmakers re-proposing contemporary furnishings with the charm and virtuosity of the past.
Thanks to their passion and in-depth knowledge of the antique, they combine their personal production with that of skilled and trained restorers of inlaid wooden works.
Boasting to date collaboration in the sector for museums and private collectors.
Among their productions as well as all those for private individuals, we can mention those that have made these two Sorrentine artists stand out such as:
In 2000, on the occasion of the Jubilee, they created two large inlaid circles (diameter 1 meter) for the church of Carmine Maggiore in Naples, now located in the penitentiary of the same.
In 2006 they set up a solo exhibition at Villa Fiorentino in Sorrento where, among all the works on display, an entire studio inlaid in Louis XVI style stands out, like an imposing trumò in Louis XV style.
In 2007 they created an entirely inlaid offertory table for the church of S. Anna in Sorrento.
In 2008 they made two large inlaid panels (160cm X160cm) for the Italian Navy exhibited in one of the halls of the Palazzo della Marina in Rome.
In 2009 they made two inlaid panels (90cm X 160cm) for the Italian Navy exhibited in the room of the Circolo della Marina Militare in Rome.
In 2010 they created a writing table for wedding ceremonies commissioned by the Municipality of Piano di Sorrento.
In 2012 they presented their last tarsal panel in a personal exhibition at the Church of S. Paolo in Sorrento, together with a series of new and innovative objects.
Always ready to get involved and experiment with new paths, since then a new challenge has begun for them, aimed at creating inlays that enrich and enhance three-dimensional shapes never made before, from the obvious and rigid lines to those increasingly harmonized and complex, giving life to furnishings and furnishing elements in the composition of which often conceals an even more surprising functionality than the rich inlays that surround it, marveling the observer.


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